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Fart Punishment from Your Bitchy Cheerleader Step-Sister


Your step-sister is the totally hot head cheerleader at your school and even though you are her step-brother, you can’t help but want to see her body just like the rest of the boys. You have been getting pretty good at sneaking around and spying on her but today your luck ran out!

You were trying to sneak out of your bitchy step-sister’s room but this time she caught you! Ofcourse she was extremely irritated and quite mad about it… this is like the fourth time she’s caught you this month!

You always figured it would be no big deal if you ever did get caught… being grounded isn’t that bad! But you could have never anticipated the sheer cruelness your sister possessed until today.

She explains that you are going to be her fart bitch now! She is going to smother your pathetic face with her beautiful panty clad booty and she was going to rip ass in your face for the next 30 minutes before cheer practice… and that’s exactly what she did.

Fart after fart… right in your face, up your nose, it’s going to take 6 baths before the smell of your step-sisters raunchy farts wash off your face!

How Loyal Are You, Fart Loser?

Hello fart loser. This video is not like my other fart domination videos. This video is special. This video is going to show me just how loyal of a fart loser you truly are. I am a Princess… a Goddess… and most importantly, I am YOUR fart Princess!

I am the true Princess of Farts and it is your job to worship, serve and spoil me. I want you to prove your loyalty to me today. We are going to play a little game…

I am going to show off my beautiful Goddess body and bless you with my Princess farts just like always…. except this time you are going to pay for each and every fart I give you. This is your way of showing me just how much you treasure me as your farting Princess.

Each fart is worth 5$ and I will be keeping track. At the end of the video, I will tell you how much you owe me and you will pay. This, my loyal fart loser, will prove to me that you are worthy of MY precious time and delicious farts!

Mommy’s Gassy Bedtime Ritual


Sweetie… mommy’s just here to check on you…. oh honey! Why are you still awake? I tucked you in over an hour ago, you know we have a ton of things to do super early in the morning! Why are you not sleeping yet?

Oh… I see… Yes, I suppose mommy did forget a very important part of your bedtime ritual. I’ve just been so busy lately, it completely slipped my mind… but how could I ever forget something so important?

My sweet son could never fall asleep without his mommy’s farts before bed! That’s ok sweetie. Mommy is here now and she is very gassy too so I’m sure you will be sleeping good tonight! You just lay there while mommy straddles your face and rips her big farts right up your nose!

Loser Fart Slave Ass Worship in Black Catsuit

Hello again, my favorite fart loser. Your mistress is back for another loser ass worship session with my gassy ass in this skin tight black catsuit. You know that you entire purpose is to be loyal to me… my ass… my farts…

I am your fart mistress and you are my loser fart slave. The only worth you have to me is blasting my raunchy gas right in your face and making you worship my farts.

Now get ready, loser, you know your place!

Step-Mom’s Home Cooking #3


Oh sweetie… my sweet step-son… today is the day that you are leaving back to college. This weekend has been amazing! 3 whole days of you and I enjoying each other’s company… you enjoying step-mommy’s farts in your face and mouth.

Just think, all of this might not have even happened if it wasn’t for that one day… the day you walked in the room and asked me what that smell was… and step-mommy admitted that the room was full of my stinky eggy farts… oh honey! I’m so glad we discovered how much you love step-mommy’s farts!

I’ve been preparing for today, I know our time is short and you have a flight to catch but I want to give you one more fart filled day before you leave. Step-Mommy wants to fill your nose and your mouth with her eggy farts. I want you to savor and devour each and every one… because it will be months before you get to see me and smell my farts again!

Gassy Sister’s Personal Ass Slave


O…m…g… why are you in here bothering me again, little step-bro?! I’ve told you a million times to fuck off already, you should know better by now! What do you want this time?

Money?? Why would you need money and better yet, why are you asking me for money??

You know what? I don’t even care why you need the money, I just want you to go away so here’s the deal. We are going to play a game of rock, paper, scissors and if you win, I’ll give you the money… but if I win, you have to be my personal ass slave for the rest of the day!

Are you ready? One…. two…. three…. OHHHH I knew it! You lost, like you always do!

Oh little step-bro, I hope you are ready to have your face buried in your step-sister’s big juicy booty today! I’ll be nice though, if you do a really good job, I’ll give you the money anyways…. but I have a surprise for you!

*BRAAAP* Haha I just ripped a fart in your face, step-bro! NOW SMELL IT! DO IT! If you want that money, you are going to earn it and you are going to smell every single fart that slides out of my ass today!

And trust me, step-sister isn’t about to make it easy. You’re going to get some bare assed blasts to your face straight from my asshole too!

Have You Ever Heard a Girl Fart?

Hey nephew! I’m so glad you got dropped off here today. You know auntie loves seeing her sweet nephew! We are going to have so much fun today! You know you always have so much fun with auntie.

So… I want to ask you a question, nephew. Have you ever heard a girl fart before? No? Really? Well… that’s certainly a bummer. I think every boy should hear a girl fart atleast once. It is a super sexy thing after all.

You know what? Auntie happens to be very gassy today… would you mind if I farted for you? I’ll be your first girl fart experience! Oh goody! I’m so glad you’re game. Let me just pull my skirt up and rip a fart right through my white panties!

Ohhhh, you liked that, didn’t you? I can tell, nephew. I can see you are getting hard down there. You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s totally normal that you think it’s sexy when auntie farts. That’s why I did it, I knew it would make you hard and now I want you to touch yourself for auntie while she rips fart after fart for you.

Mmmm… that’s it, touch yourself for auntie. I have another fart coming… oh no! I think I might have made my panties a bit dirty, I better pull these off…

That’s ok, now you get to see the best part of a girl farting! Watch auntie spread her pussy nice and wide… making it gape open while she farts! Do you like that? You love seeing auntie’s pussy spread so wide? Good boy, keep touching yourself. You are going to cum for auntie’s gaping pussy and her farts today!

Bubbly Farts JOI in Blue Pleather Pants

I’m super gassy and I want you to grab your cock and get ready to have some fun with me! I had plans to go out tonight but I got a case of a horrible gas so I decided to stay home and blast some gas for you instead. I am wearing my tight blue pleather pants and my sexy heels. I give you sexy jerk off encouragement while ripping stinky bubbly farts… and some sound pretty wet!

You’ll like this video if you like: Fart Princess Kristi rips big bubbly wet farts in blue leather pants! You love the way big farts sound blasting out of tight leather on a big white booty in this sexy farting clip!

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