Author: kristi

You Are my Fart Slave, Loser

This is a domination humiliation for fart lovers whom are also losers. Don’t buy it if you don’t like being called a loser!

So loser, you know that you are basically worthless to me right? I mean, you carry absolute no value to me at all. I really didn’t want to dispose of you though so I have been thinking up ways to make you useful to me again. I figure since I am a Princess that my Princess farts should never be wasted so you are going to start eating and smelling every fart that comes out of my Goddess ass. That’s right loser, from now on your sole purpose is eating and smelling my stinky farts straight out of my ass. So get down on your knees and assume the position, you are nothing but my fart eating loser now…

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You Are Trapped and Now You Will Smell My Farts

I thought I told you not to show up here so early! I wasn’t ready for you yet. You never listen, do you? Well know that you are here I guess you are going to find out why I wanted you to show up later. See…. I have horrible gas right now and man it sure does stink. Since you are here and I am pissed off at you, I am going to lock the doors and trap you in here and make you endure my farts all day long. I am going to fart in your mouth, up your nose, in your face, and anywhere else I see fit. You are not going to waste a single bit of my stinky farts or you will be punished!

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Public Restroom Farts

Last weekend I was at the park at my niece’s birthday party and I was totally pigging out on bbq, hamburgers, cake, and ofcourse…. ice cream! I am slightly lactose intolerant so ice cream always gives me major gas. I thought it would take longer to give me gas so I pigged out and soon afterwards I started having stomach cramps. I had to go over to the public restroom everytime I started having cramps because I absolutely could not fart around my family and everybody else on someone’s birthday!! They must have thought I had the serious plops or something with how often I had to run over to the restrooms. It was a small enclosed bathroom so it had a horrible echo and my farts sounded SUPER loud. There was people all around so I had to be quiet but omg my farts were so loud I was pretty nervous someone was going to hear me.

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