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Your Farting Girlfriend Gives You Dutch Oven Farts!

Oh babe… I love these days when we get to just hang out in bed together. It’s so nice to just relax and watch TV with you… this is the best day ever! Lets find something else to watch…. ouch… ohhh my belly hurts… Babe! Get out of here, go get me a drink or something…. hurry! Oh…. you better hurry… I can’t hold it much longer…. *brraaap* Oh no! How embarrassing…. eww and it stinks too! Oh babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to gas you out! What?… you liked that? You like it when I fart? No way! Wow, that’s really kinky… well… I do have to fart again… should I babe? Okay, as long as it’s ok with you! *brrruuup* Ewww here, smell it under the covers! How’s that for a dutch oven babe! Oh I need to fart again… hey, I should totally fart in your face babe! That stinks doesn’t it? You like the stinky ones babe? That’s so hot, I think I am going to like this new arrangement! (Over 6 farts in this video!)

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Your Girlfriend Gives You Farting Phone Sex

Oh baby, I miss you SO much! I wish you didn’t always have to leave for business… I get so lonely here at night without you. Just like tonight… I am so lonely and I miss you! What am I wearing? Well… I am wearing my new really tight sexy Egyptian leggings… yes, they make my ass look really fat and amazing babe!….Oh! Umm… I don’t know… do you think we should? Well… I suppose I could try it! Yes! I think phone sex does sound like a pretty good idea right now… atleast it will take the loneliness away! So how should we start? Lets see…. You are laying on your back and I am going to climb on top of you and put my ass in your face so you can eat my pussy. I am going to slide your big hard cock deep down my throat and suck it so good while you’re licking my pussy. Mmmmm yes baby, that feels so good! Ooohhh I am SO gassy tonight babe! Hehe babe… you want me to fart into the phone so you can hear it? Well, okay! *bruuup* How did that sound babe? Mmmm yes… so now I am on top of you… riding your huge cock and making my pussy feel so good! I’m bouncing on your harder and harder and…. oooh! I need to fart again babe! Here, listen to it *brrraaap*. Mmm yes babe… my farts are going to make you cum, aren’t they? (Over 10 farts in this video!)

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Hot Girl Getting Fucked While Farting Sexy Fart Sex

This is going to be THE fart video to see in 2014! Nobody can match what the Fart Princess blasts and this video is the proof! This video starts out with me on the couch as my boyfriend walks in the door from work. I am excited to see him and he is definitely excited to see me. He doesn’t waste any time in telling me what he wants for the long hard day of work he put in. I happily agree and whip out his cock and start sucking on it. I suck it for a minute or so before I am ready to fuck! I ask him if he wants to fuck and he says yes but only if you fart on my dick! I giggle and agree because I am always gassy and I know I have some rippers saved up for him. This is where the script ends and the rest of the video is just hardcore sex! I get fucked hard in several different positions all while blasting farts! I have some loud long stinky farts today and my boyfriend loves smelling my stinky gas as he is plowing my pussy! We fuck for quite a while but don’t worry, I cut out all of the non farting footage and left you with nothing but 8+ minutes of pure fart sex heaven. I blast over 15 farts in this video and by the time he cums in my pussy and I just about completely empty of farts and full of cum! Nothing makes me fart more than getting the farts fucked out of me by a big cock! You don’t want to miss this fart sex video, it’s my best video yet!

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Hot Farting Mom Wants You to Smell Her Farts in Bed

Hello baby. I feel so lazy today and all I want to do is lay in bed with you all day long. Will you do that with me baby? Great! I have a little surprise too, I am very very gassy today! I ate a lot of broccoli so I have lots of stinky farts and I just know how much you love it when I fart. My panties say “Breakfast in Bed”….hehe, isn’t that such a true statement? Come lay in bed with me and have some stinky farts for breakfast baby! Mmmmm I love how much you love my farts!

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Sexy MILF Gives Face Farts to Her Man

Today my lover was over and I just so happened to be extremely gassy from binging on Mexican food earlier in the day. My lover just LOVES to smell my stinky farting ass so ofcourse I let him smell every single one of my farts today. I stuck my big juicy 40 inch ass right in his face and blasted fart after stinky fart right up his nose and in his face. I love farting on his face in several different positions and I especially love sitting on his face and farting right up his nose. He even pulls my panties over and exposes my bare asshole so he can get his nose right up in that stinky ass. Mmmmm I love face farting guys, do you wanna smell my ass too baby?

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Your Gassy Girlfriend Wants You to Smell Her Farts

Babe, I know how much you love smelling my farts and I wanted to make today extra special for you. I gorged on foods that make me super gassy and I called in to work today so I could stay at home with you all day and let you indulge in your fetish. I know you love it when I wear jeans when I am farting so I wore my favorite pair today! Geez I am sure gassy today, I hope you like the way they smell baby. Do you like smelling them straight out of my ass? How about the bubbly wet ones? Those are you favorite aren’t they?

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Babe I Found Your Fart Porn Sexy Girlfriend Farts

Babe, I was using our computer today and I stumbled across your collection of fart porn. I really want to talk to you about it. I actually think your fetish is pretty hot and I have been wanting to fart for you but I didn’t know how to approach the subject. Would you like it if I farted for you? I am still a little shy and nervous about it though, you have to tell me if I am doing a good job, ok?

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