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Farting Lap Dance and Blowjob

My boyfriend and I were just having another quiet day at home and since I knew we were both going to be home all day together I wanted to make sure I had plenty of farts, since he loves them, so I loaded up on gas inducing foods early that morning. Once around 11AM hit my farts started rolling in and I started grinding on his cock whenever I had to fart. It wasn’t long before all of this fart grinding had him super horny so I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. I told him that I was only sucking him off when I was farting so he was in agony all day long waiting for my delicious farts to come around so I could suck him off while he was smelling my gas. Finally all of the sucking sessions were enough and he was ready to cum! He had a special request on where he wanted to come and ofcourse I agreed…. Awesome CUMSHOT in this video! Best fart blowjob video ever!

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Farting Makes Me So Horny! Hot Girl Fart Masturbation

This is a custom video I shot for a fart fan and he loved it, so will you! I start out wearing tight black leggings with a black g-string underneath. I fart a few times in my leggings then I start to slowly pull them down, exposing my g-string. I keep farting with my g-string pulled to the side then I take it off as well. All of this farting has really made me super horny so I grab my toy and start pounding my pussy while I am blasting farts! OMG I couldn’t believe how gassy I was today but that didn’t stop me from fucking my pussy so good until I had a HARD orgasm! I think the smell of my farts were making my pussy super wet because I was literally masturbation almost all day long until I finally got to cum! Super hot fart masturbation video, over 15 farts in this video!

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FUCK The Farts Out of Me!

This is a special treat for my fart fans. I have been working on this video for over a week now and I am finally ready to release it to you guys! My boyfriend is starting to get more and more into me farting so everytime that I knew I was super gassy I asked him to come to my bedroom and fuck me so that I could fart while we were fucking. He is really starting to enjoy this! He even asked if he could smell my ass after one of my stinky eggy farts! There are a couple of blowjob scenes and the rest are hard fucking my pussy while I fart! These are different sex scenes from different days all in one clip! This is by far the best fuck fart clip you will ever see! That’s if you have ever seen one at all because I haven’t ;) This clip was in the TOP 50 for the whole site, it reached #12!

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The Fart Dance

My lovely friend treated me out to an early lunch at my favorite Mexican place today so I told him I would pay him back by giving him a gassy lapdance everytime I had to fart for the rest of the day. Well it didn’t take long at all for my stinky Mexican food gas to kick in and when it did I had some huge stinky farts! I told my friend to sit on a chair before each fart and I erotically grinded my big gassy ass on his lap and dick and then I farted on his dick! I could feel his dick getting hard through his pants each time I farted and he was getting so turned on, I almost made him bust a nut in his pants from all of my stinky farts. I could tell that he really enjoyed the fart dance that I gave him today. I even smelled his crotch a couple of times after I farted and wow my stinky fart smell was stuck to his jeans! I bet he smelled my fart smell for the rest of the day! Over 14 farts in this video!

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