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Farting Giantess Traps and Eats Tiny Men

A very gassy giantess finds several little men on her table. Shocked she stoops down to get a better look. They are very tasty looking little men… she grabs a nearby glass and captures all of the little men and drops them into an inescapable jar. Now that they are trapped and cannot escape they are at the very gassy giantess’s mercy… and she has none! She farts into their glass several times while teasing them about their upcoming fate and how they will be turned into farts as well. After the very gassy giantess runs out of gas she starts eating the tiny little men one by one until none are left…

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Gassy Giantess Fart Tortures Little Man

I am a very gassy giantess and I was taking a wonderful nap when all of a sudden I woke up to a little man on my pillow. Intrigued, I asked the little man what he was doing on my pillow. He couldn’t give me a good enough reason so I decide to torture him before I dispose of him in the way that I do for all the little men I capture. I am very very gassy today and it doesn’t take long before I am sticking the little man against my naked asshole and blasting farts right in his face, forcing him to smell the farts and lick my asshole clean. I fart on him over and over until I finally get tired of torturing him. I dump him in a glass, give him one last fart, then empty him into my mouth where I proceed to swallow him whole. It won’t be long now before this little man is turned into a fart himself…mmm

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