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Hot Sisters Fart For You! Kristi & Kylie Sisters Fart in Jeans

Hey fart lovers! My sister Kylie is back farting with me for your pleasure! I had her come to my house for a day full of making videos and I treated her to lunch as our favorite Asian buffet place… well Asian food really gives us gas! It really tore Kylie up and she was a farting mess the whole day. I had to cancel filming our other videos because she was farting so much! We spent the whole day sitting around farting and luckily I was able to capture a bunch of the juicy bubbly stinky farts in film. Watch us both fart over and over again but Kylie is the real star of this video. Her farts are amazing! They are loud, bubbly, and long! I couldn’t believe how much gas she had and I am the Princess of Farts!! You also get to see a special rare clip of us having gas at the same time and farting at the same time. It’s super special because that never happens!! Kylie also attacks my poor bulldog with a nasty fart too!

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The Fart Burglar

Poor Kylie was just sitting in her house reading a book when the Fart Buglar broke in! Poor Kylie! She gets startled by the elusive Fart Buglar and she handcuffs Kylie’s hands behind her back and sits her on a crate while the Fart Buglar looks for stuff to steal from Kylie’s house. Little did the Fart Buglar know that Kylie did not have anything in the house to steal so this really made the Fart Buglar mad! To retaliate, the Fart Buglar made Kylie sniff her stinky Fart Buglar farts the whole time she was at Kylie’s house. Kylie tried to escape and landed on the couch which the Fart Buglar used as the perfect opportunity to sit on Kylie and blast some stinky farts right up her nose! After the Fart Buglar was satisfied that Kylie had been properly punished for not having anything to steal she left, never to be seen again!

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