Farting and a Shart Accident in My Shiny Leggings

I am super gassy today because my stomach has been upset for the past couple of days. I’ve been blasting wet farts all day just barely escaping an accident each time. I want to share my stinky farts with you and I know you love legging farts and wood farts so I am sitting on my wooden stool wearing leggings! I rip fart after fart on to my stool and through my leggings. Things are going pretty good until I try to squeeze out one last fart and instead of a fart I sharted my leggings! You can’t see anything but you can hear it! I had to go clean up after that *wet* fart.

You’ll like this video if you like: Princess Kristi rips big farts into a wooden stool while wearing leggings and has a huge wet shart!

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