Gassy Giantess Fart Tortures Little Man

I am a very gassy giantess and I was taking a wonderful nap when all of a sudden I woke up to a little man on my pillow. Intrigued, I asked the little man what he was doing on my pillow. He couldn’t give me a good enough reason so I decide to torture him before I dispose of him in the way that I do for all the little men I capture. I am very very gassy today and it doesn’t take long before I am sticking the little man against my naked asshole and blasting farts right in his face, forcing him to smell the farts and lick my asshole clean. I fart on him over and over until I finally get tired of torturing him. I dump him in a glass, give him one last fart, then empty him into my mouth where I proceed to swallow him whole. It won’t be long now before this little man is turned into a fart himself…mmm

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