Revenge of the BBQ Sandwich and Sloppy Ploppy Toilet Fun

This might be the best video I have ever made! This is a rare combination of both long loud farts and super sloppy toilet fun! I made an overeating video where I ate 2 big BBQ sandwiches (see the video here ) and it must have been some bad BBQ or something because about 30 minutes later my belly started rumbling like crazy and then the farts started. One after another back to back relentless farts from my aching belly! Something else was brewing in my belly as well and I had to literally cup my ass and RUN to the bathroom to drop some super sloppy splattering plops into the toilet. YES I got the toilet scenes on this clip too! After I finish at the toilet the farts start again and they just keep coming! More trouble is brewing in my belly and I have to grab my ass and RUN to the toilet again to drop more PLOPS! Finally the farts stop coming so frequently so I get to go to bed but the BBQ has it’s revenge and 1AM and again at 3AM and 4AM in the morning and I have to wake up and run to the toilet again. YES I caught ALL of this on tape! Best fart/toilet combo video ever! Nothing but action in this video, how else did I fit all of that in to a 13 minute clip?! Over 14 farts in this video and 5 toilet scenes!

You’ll like this video if you like: Sexy girl with upset stomach farting big nasty farts then plopping huge logs into the toilet! Hot farting toilet video!

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