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Hot Farting Girl Blasts Bubbly Farts in a Tight Mini Skirt

I am dressed up so sexy (and perhaps a bit slutty) to go out tonight but I’ve been struck with the worst case of gas ever! I really need to expel some of this gas before I leave the house or I will probably be in for a very embarrassing night of uncontrollable gas! I am wearing my sexy silk top and my AE denim mini skirt with NO panties under. I expel fart after fart… some going through the fabric of my mini skirt and others I lift my skirt and blow a big bassy fart right from my bare asshole. You’ll love seeing my asshole pucker when I am releasing big stinky farts!

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Farting Giantess Traps and Eats Tiny Men

A very gassy giantess finds several little men on her table. Shocked she stoops down to get a better look. They are very tasty looking little men… she grabs a nearby glass and captures all of the little men and drops them into an inescapable jar. Now that they are trapped and cannot escape they are at the very gassy giantess’s mercy… and she has none! She farts into their glass several times while teasing them about their upcoming fate and how they will be turned into farts as well. After the very gassy giantess runs out of gas she starts eating the tiny little men one by one until none are left…

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Fart Domination in Black Spandex

I hope you fart losers are ready for another installment of my spandex fart domination series! In this video I am wearing my shiny black spandex and black half corset. I am mean and dominating in this video reminding you that you are my fart eating loser. I make you worship my farts while farting through my spandex and also pulling my spandex down. You will be licking my asshole and swallowing my farts as I am your Fart Princess!

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Bare Ass Farts in My Shiny Red Dress

I am wearing my super sexy tight shiny red dress with no panties on! I love being over and showing you my sexy bare ass…. and I especially love ripping a big fart right in your face! Lots of naked ass and asshole closeups as well as lots of farts! My big juicy whooty feels up the entire screen and you get to see every detail in crystal clear true high definition video! There are over 14 farts in this video, I have a few squeeky farts as well as a ton of loud bare asshole farts!

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Smell My Farts and Eat My Asshole, Loser

Hello again ass sniffer. I am back with another round of fart training for you. Today I am wearing my stinky shiny black spandex jogging pants and my black corset. You will kneel down under my ass and receive all of my nasty farts today… and after each fart you will clean my Princess ass with your tongue. My farts get stinkier and stinkier as the day goes on and I’m not sure you are going to make it through today. You are a total loser and you will be my fart sniffing toilet slave today!

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Farting Ass in Pantyhose Jerk Off Instruction

My ass looks so amazing in these sheer pantyhose, doesn’t it? You know what else looks good? You stroking your cock… I so want to to stroke it for me today while I am so gassy in these sexy pantyhose. I am going to encourage and guide you through a super sexy jerk off instruction session while teasing you with my big fat farting ass in pantyhose. I fart so much in so many different positions… this is the hottest pantyhose farting video ever!

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You Are a Loser for My Farting Ass in Spandex

Hello loser. I’ve been anticipating this day all week long. I have been preparing for this day by eating the foods that give me the worst gas and they sure do stink today. I am wearing my black spandex and I haven’t washed my ass in days! You know it has to be so stinky down there… all the better for your loser face to be buried in my ass. I am going to make you sniff and eat every disgusting fart that comes out of my ass today. Yes loser, it’s time for fart training and I am going to be relentless today!
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Gassy Giantess Fart Tortures Little Man

I am a very gassy giantess and I was taking a wonderful nap when all of a sudden I woke up to a little man on my pillow. Intrigued, I asked the little man what he was doing on my pillow. He couldn’t give me a good enough reason so I decide to torture him before I dispose of him in the way that I do for all the little men I capture. I am very very gassy today and it doesn’t take long before I am sticking the little man against my naked asshole and blasting farts right in his face, forcing him to smell the farts and lick my asshole clean. I fart on him over and over until I finally get tired of torturing him. I dump him in a glass, give him one last fart, then empty him into my mouth where I proceed to swallow him whole. It won’t be long now before this little man is turned into a fart himself…mmm

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