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Farting Giantess Traps and Eats Tiny Men

A very gassy giantess finds several little men on her table. Shocked she stoops down to get a better look. They are very tasty looking little men… she grabs a nearby glass and captures all of the little men and drops them into an inescapable jar. Now that they are trapped and cannot escape they are at the very gassy giantess’s mercy… and she has none! She farts into their glass several times while teasing them about their upcoming fate and how they will be turned into farts as well. After the very gassy giantess runs out of gas she starts eating the tiny little men one by one until none are left…

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Fart Domination in Black Spandex

I hope you fart losers are ready for another installment of my spandex fart domination series! In this video I am wearing my shiny black spandex and black half corset. I am mean and dominating in this video reminding you that you are my fart eating loser. I make you worship my farts while farting through my spandex and also pulling my spandex down. You will be licking my asshole and swallowing my farts as I am your Fart Princess!

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Your Gassy Sister Blackmails You

Hey little bro! Guess what I found in your room today… I found your porno stash! You’re so gross and I am totally going to tell mom and dad! What? Well… if you really want me to keep it a secret I suppose you could do some…. favors for me. I want you to do my homework every night for a month straight and I want…..ooohhh my belly hurts, I need to fart! *brruup* Oh little bro, don’t be so grossed out, it’s just a fart! Wow, well… if you are that grossed out by my farts… I just thought of the other thing I want from you. You are going to smell all of my farts for the rest of the evening until you finish my homework…. and if you don’t I am SO telling mom about your porn! Better stick your nose in that book and find those answers, twerp… or I might just make you stick your nose up my ass! (There are over 7 farts in this video.)

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Smell My Farts and Eat My Asshole, Loser

Hello again ass sniffer. I am back with another round of fart training for you. Today I am wearing my stinky shiny black spandex jogging pants and my black corset. You will kneel down under my ass and receive all of my nasty farts today… and after each fart you will clean my Princess ass with your tongue. My farts get stinkier and stinkier as the day goes on and I’m not sure you are going to make it through today. You are a total loser and you will be my fart sniffing toilet slave today!

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You Are a Loser for My Farting Ass in Spandex

Hello loser. I’ve been anticipating this day all week long. I have been preparing for this day by eating the foods that give me the worst gas and they sure do stink today. I am wearing my black spandex and I haven’t washed my ass in days! You know it has to be so stinky down there… all the better for your loser face to be buried in my ass. I am going to make you sniff and eat every disgusting fart that comes out of my ass today. Yes loser, it’s time for fart training and I am going to be relentless today!
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Ass Sniffing Fart Loser Punishment in Spandex

Hello my ass sniffing fart eating loser. Your beautiful Goddess is here and you are going to spend all day smelling my vile farts. I am wearing my tight spandex capris today and I haven’t washed my ass in days so I know it is going to stink. You are going to bury your nose deep in my ass and breathe in every bit of that stinky ass then you are going to inhale my vile farts right up your nose. You will also lick and suck the farts out of my spandex when I pull them way up in my ass crack. Your only job is being my fart sniffing ass slave so get to it loser… I have tons of very stinky farts for you today and you are going to inhale every single one… or else! There are several scenes and over 20 farts in this video! This video is over 23 minutes long! Great deal for $16.99!

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Mean Babysitter Tortures You with Farts

Ugh I can’t believe I have to babysit you again. I just hate watching you. You are the most boring ever! You totally ruined my plans I had with my boyfriend and I am going to make you pay for it. I am so gassy today, I need to rip a fart. Ahhh that felt good! Wow, you are totally grossed out, aren’t you? Do my farts really smell that bad? Haha well let’s play a game then twerp. You are going to smell my farts out of a plastic bag and if you don’t do it right I am going to tape the bag over your head and fill the bag up with my noxious farts and force you to smell them. Oh and my asshole feels pretty dirty from all that farting, lick it and clean it for me now. You wouldn’t want me to tell your parents that you did something really bad, would you?

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Your Job is Eating Princess Farts, LOSER!

Hello loser. You are a pathetic waste of space but I have found one last thing that you could be useful to me. I am a very gassy Princess and I hate that my farts go to waste when they should be eaten. Well guess what? You are going to be my fart eater now. You might as well, you have no other usefulness so you better embrace this! I am wearing a cute jean skirt and every time I have to fart today, you are going to lay down on the floor with your mouth open and I will squat over your face and release my Princess gas right into your mouth then you will be forced to swallow the stinky goodness right from my ass. Sound good? It’s good for me but it’s going to STINK for you! HAHA loser! I make sure you know that you are a complete loser to me as well throughout the video.

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