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Sexy MILF Gives Face Farts to Her Man

Today my lover was over and I just so happened to be extremely gassy from binging on Mexican food earlier in the day. My lover just LOVES to smell my stinky farting ass so ofcourse I let him smell every single one of my farts today. I stuck my big juicy 40 inch ass right in his face and blasted fart after stinky fart right up his nose and in his face. I love farting on his face in several different positions and I especially love sitting on his face and farting right up his nose. He even pulls my panties over and exposes my bare asshole so he can get his nose right up in that stinky ass. Mmmmm I love face farting guys, do you wanna smell my ass too baby?

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The Fart Burglar

Poor Kylie was just sitting in her house reading a book when the Fart Buglar broke in! Poor Kylie! She gets startled by the elusive Fart Buglar and she handcuffs Kylie’s hands behind her back and sits her on a crate while the Fart Buglar looks for stuff to steal from Kylie’s house. Little did the Fart Buglar know that Kylie did not have anything in the house to steal so this really made the Fart Buglar mad! To retaliate, the Fart Buglar made Kylie sniff her stinky Fart Buglar farts the whole time she was at Kylie’s house. Kylie tried to escape and landed on the couch which the Fart Buglar used as the perfect opportunity to sit on Kylie and blast some stinky farts right up her nose! After the Fart Buglar was satisfied that Kylie had been properly punished for not having anything to steal she left, never to be seen again!

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Princess Fart Torture on YOU!

You have been a very very bad boy today. I don’t like it when my boys are bad. I am going to use my Princess powers to shrink you down and turn you in to a tiny green monkey so that I will have FULL control over you! After you are shrunken I am going to shove your face in my white polka dot panty ass every time I have to fart and you will be forced to smell every bit of every stinky fart. It’s going to be a day full of stinky torture for you because I’ve been eating broccoli all day just to make my farts stink even more! Next time you will obey your Princess! There are over 15 farts in this video!

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