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Smelling My Farts Make Me Cum! Fart Panty Masturbation

This is a custom video I made for a fart fan that I am now sharing with you! This fart fan wanted me to smell my own farts so much that it turns me on and I stick my hand down my panties and masturbate while I smell my farts all day long. This turned out to be a super hot video and my farts had a very distinct smell today but they really did turn me on! I even pulled the smell closer to my face in a few of the clips so none of it would escape. I rubbed on my clit each time I needed to fart and finally after a day full of farts and rubbing on my pussy I couldn’t take it anymore and had to give in to a huge orgasm! Yes that’s right, I got off smelling my own farts! You NEED to see this video!

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Farting Makes Me So Horny! Hot Girl Fart Masturbation

This is a custom video I shot for a fart fan and he loved it, so will you! I start out wearing tight black leggings with a black g-string underneath. I fart a few times in my leggings then I start to slowly pull them down, exposing my g-string. I keep farting with my g-string pulled to the side then I take it off as well. All of this farting has really made me super horny so I grab my toy and start pounding my pussy while I am blasting farts! OMG I couldn’t believe how gassy I was today but that didn’t stop me from fucking my pussy so good until I had a HARD orgasm! I think the smell of my farts were making my pussy super wet because I was literally masturbation almost all day long until I finally got to cum! Super hot fart masturbation video, over 15 farts in this video!

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