This is a special treat for my fart fans. I have been working on this video for over a week now and I am finally ready to release it to you guys! My boyfriend is starting to get more and more into me farting so everytime that I knew I was super gassy I asked him to come to my bedroom and fuck me so that I could fart while we were fucking. He is really starting to enjoy this! He even asked if he could smell my ass after one of my stinky eggy farts! There are a couple of blowjob scenes and the rest are hard fucking my pussy while I fart! These are different sex scenes from different days all in one clip! This is by far the best fuck fart clip you will ever see! That’s if you have ever seen one at all because I haven’t 😉 This clip was in the TOP 50 for the whole site, it reached #12!

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