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Hot Farting Girl Rips Huge Farts in Denim Shorts

This is a super sexy video of me wearing my sexy black blouse and cute tight pinstriped denim shorts! There are 13 different scenes in this video in a variety of angles. In some I fart on my fabric chair and get nice muffled farts. In others you get a great upskirt shot of my farting ass and I even bend over and fart too! I love being so sexy and farting for you in these cute denim shorts and you are going to love all of the farts in this video! I fart so much that I had to take a dump and there is a short toilet scene at the end of this video! I drop a couple of big logs!

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Hot Mom Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction in Tight White Jeans

I know how hard your cock gets at the thought of me farting in jeans so when I saw this at the store I just had to buy them. I waited until I was super gassy one day and I put them on and showed them off for you. My big white booty looks so amazing in these jeans, doesn’t it? Yes it does, I know it does and I know they make your cock so hard, just like my farts do!I want to fart for you today but I want you to do something for me, too. I want you to stroke that big hard cock for me while I fart for you in these white jeans. I am going to instruct you to stroke that cock while I blast fart after huge bubbly fart until your cock is ready to explode then I am going to milk it with a cum countdown!

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Hot Sisters Fart For You! Kristi & Kylie Sisters Fart in Jeans

Hey fart lovers! My sister Kylie is back farting with me for your pleasure! I had her come to my house for a day full of making videos and I treated her to lunch as our favorite Asian buffet place… well Asian food really gives us gas! It really tore Kylie up and she was a farting mess the whole day. I had to cancel filming our other videos because she was farting so much! We spent the whole day sitting around farting and luckily I was able to capture a bunch of the juicy bubbly stinky farts in film. Watch us both fart over and over again but Kylie is the real star of this video. Her farts are amazing! They are loud, bubbly, and long! I couldn’t believe how much gas she had and I am the Princess of Farts!! You also get to see a special rare clip of us having gas at the same time and farting at the same time. It’s super special because that never happens!! Kylie also attacks my poor bulldog with a nasty fart too!

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Hot Farting Mom Wants You to Smell Her Farts in Bed

Hello baby. I feel so lazy today and all I want to do is lay in bed with you all day long. Will you do that with me baby? Great! I have a little surprise too, I am very very gassy today! I ate a lot of broccoli so I have lots of stinky farts and I just know how much you love it when I fart. My panties say “Breakfast in Bed”….hehe, isn’t that such a true statement? Come lay in bed with me and have some stinky farts for breakfast baby! Mmmmm I love how much you love my farts!

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Your Job is Eating Princess Farts, LOSER!

Hello loser. You are a pathetic waste of space but I have found one last thing that you could be useful to me. I am a very gassy Princess and I hate that my farts go to waste when they should be eaten. Well guess what? You are going to be my fart eater now. You might as well, you have no other usefulness so you better embrace this! I am wearing a cute jean skirt and every time I have to fart today, you are going to lay down on the floor with your mouth open and I will squat over your face and release my Princess gas right into your mouth then you will be forced to swallow the stinky goodness right from my ass. Sound good? It’s good for me but it’s going to STINK for you! HAHA loser! I make sure you know that you are a complete loser to me as well throughout the video.

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Sexy MILF Ripping Big Bubbly Farts in Tight Pink Leggings

This is a custom made video, email me to order yours! “I wanna see you in some leggings doing juicy loud farts standing up and and spank it and squeeze it after wards. Also can you get your booty upclose to the camera when doing this and have your ass in a side view when spanking it after you fart.”

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Here I Sit Broken Hearted, Tried to Fart But Instead I Sharted

My stomach was soooo messed up today. I had the extreme liquid plops and I was really gassy as well. It seems like I have trouble telling the difference between a fart coming or a shart coming. I had to change my pants several times today because almost every time I tried to fart, I sharted! Yes I had some really wet farts, some of them were actually visible! I had to grab a roll of toilet paper and carry it around with me so I could wipe my ass after my nasty sharts!

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Sexy MILF Gives Face Farts to Her Man

Today my lover was over and I just so happened to be extremely gassy from binging on Mexican food earlier in the day. My lover just LOVES to smell my stinky farting ass so ofcourse I let him smell every single one of my farts today. I stuck my big juicy 40 inch ass right in his face and blasted fart after stinky fart right up his nose and in his face. I love farting on his face in several different positions and I especially love sitting on his face and farting right up his nose. He even pulls my panties over and exposes my bare asshole so he can get his nose right up in that stinky ass. Mmmmm I love face farting guys, do you wanna smell my ass too baby?

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