Hi honey! I just need to finish loading up these dishes and I will be able to make dinner for us. So how was your day today? Good, I’m glad to hear you had a great day! Ugh… my belly is starting to hurt a little bit… I sure I don’t have to….*braaap* Oh no! Honey, I am SO sorry! I totally did not mean to let a fart rip right infront of you… oh it stinks so bad too! I am so embarrassed! You better get out of here before you have to smell it to. Mommy’s belly is starting to hurt really bad, I don’t think I’ll be able to make dinner tonight. I am just going to have to make you a sandwich instead. I sure hope I don’t have to fart again while I’m making your food…. oh no, I feel another one coming on! I think I have to use the toilet too. You stay here honey, mommy will be right back.

(Mommy is using the toilet now) Ugh this is going to be a huge log…. Oh honey! Why are you in here? I told you that mommy needed to go potty, you shouldn’t be in here, it stinks! Why are you in here anyways? Did you come in here…. because you like this?? Have you been secretly liking my farts all day and now you want to sit in here while I am using the toilet??

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