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Jerk Off for My Farting Ass in Yoga Pants Fart Porn

Hey baby! Are you horny? I hope so because I am super gassy due to my breakfast full of jalapenos! I hope you are ready to stroke your dick for me because I really want you to and I am going to encourage you to stroke that big hard cock while I am farting over and over again in these super tight grey yoga pants! I love showing off my big white booty in these tight work out pants and I know you love stroking for it. It looks absolutely amazing, doesn’t it? You are going to have the most amazing orgasm ever!

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Your Girlfriend Gives You Farting Phone Sex

Oh baby, I miss you SO much! I wish you didn’t always have to leave for business… I get so lonely here at night without you. Just like tonight… I am so lonely and I miss you! What am I wearing? Well… I am wearing my new really tight sexy Egyptian leggings… yes, they make my ass look really fat and amazing babe!….Oh! Umm… I don’t know… do you think we should? Well… I suppose I could try it! Yes! I think phone sex does sound like a pretty good idea right now… atleast it will take the loneliness away! So how should we start? Lets see…. You are laying on your back and I am going to climb on top of you and put my ass in your face so you can eat my pussy. I am going to slide your big hard cock deep down my throat and suck it so good while you’re licking my pussy. Mmmmm yes baby, that feels so good! Ooohhh I am SO gassy tonight babe! Hehe babe… you want me to fart into the phone so you can hear it? Well, okay! *bruuup* How did that sound babe? Mmmm yes… so now I am on top of you… riding your huge cock and making my pussy feel so good! I’m bouncing on your harder and harder and…. oooh! I need to fart again babe! Here, listen to it *brrraaap*. Mmm yes babe… my farts are going to make you cum, aren’t they? (Over 10 farts in this video!)

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Hot MILF in Pink Jeans Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction

Hi babe! I am wearing your favorite pants today, the pink AE jeans! Doesn’t my ass look fantastic when I wear these? Nothing could be better…. well, except if I was super gassy, which I am!! I have some huge bubbly farts trapped inside and they are working their way out so why don’t you stroke your hard cock for me while I am letting them rip? I am going to guide you through a smoking hot jerk off instruction session while ripped massive farts and when I am done I am going to have you blow a huge load just for me!

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Cum in My Mouth While I Fart for You!

What could possibly be hotter than a gassy girl giving you jerk off instruction while telling you to cum in her mouth? Nothing, ofcourse! In this video I am on the floor with my face close to the camera. I am wearing my tight leggings which always make my farts sound so bubbly, bassy, and wet. I give you jerk off instructions and guide you through stroking your cock with fart after fart after huge stinky fart until I know you can’t hold it anymore so I open my mouth and stick out my tongue and tell you to cum in my mouth! I want you to drain every last drop of cum right into my mouth as I rip stinky farts! You are going to love this farting JOI video!

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Jerk It & Cum While Mommy Farts for You

Hi baby! I am glad you are home now… I need to talk to you about something. Yes, it is pretty serious. Come in here and look at me. I was cleaning your room today and I saw the fart porn video you had on your computer. Is it true? Do you really have a fart fetish? Come on, you can tell me. You can tell mommy anything and it will be our little secret forever. So you do have a fart fetish? Well, that explains why you are always hanging around when I am gassy. Oohhhh I need to fart right now! I see your cock getting hard, let me help you make it feel so good and I promise to fart the whole time! Does that feel good baby? Yeah, it does. Now put your face in my ass and smell my fart, now lick it…. you like? Ofcourse you do, mommy knows how to make you feel great!

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Hot Mom Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction in Tight White Jeans

I know how hard your cock gets at the thought of me farting in jeans so when I saw this at the store I just had to buy them. I waited until I was super gassy one day and I put them on and showed them off for you. My big white booty looks so amazing in these jeans, doesn’t it? Yes it does, I know it does and I know they make your cock so hard, just like my farts do!I want to fart for you today but I want you to do something for me, too. I want you to stroke that big hard cock for me while I fart for you in these white jeans. I am going to instruct you to stroke that cock while I blast fart after huge bubbly fart until your cock is ready to explode then I am going to milk it with a cum countdown!

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The Princess of Farts and Dumps

Hear ye, hear ye fart lovers, it’s Princess Kristi back in with loud bubbly farts in my tight silver leopard print leggings! In this video I am super gassy but also feeling kinky so ofcourse I want you to stroke your cock for me while I fart. I keep giving you fart after fart while encouraging you to stroke your dick to my farting ass until I finally allow you to cum after a farting cum countdown! Mmmmm it’s hella good to bust a nut to my farting ass! All of that Princess farting made me have to take a Princess dump so you get to see that at the end, as well.

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