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Farting Ass in Pantyhose Jerk Off Instruction

My ass looks so amazing in these sheer pantyhose, doesn’t it? You know what else looks good? You stroking your cock… I so want to to stroke it for me today while I am so gassy in these sexy pantyhose. I am going to encourage and guide you through a super sexy jerk off instruction session while teasing you with my big fat farting ass in pantyhose. I fart so much in so many different positions… this is the hottest pantyhose farting video ever!

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Hot Farting Mom Wants You to Smell Her Farts in Bed

Hello baby. I feel so lazy today and all I want to do is lay in bed with you all day long. Will you do that with me baby? Great! I have a little surprise too, I am very very gassy today! I ate a lot of broccoli so I have lots of stinky farts and I just know how much you love it when I fart. My panties say “Breakfast in Bed”….hehe, isn’t that such a true statement? Come lay in bed with me and have some stinky farts for breakfast baby! Mmmmm I love how much you love my farts!

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Sexy MILF Gives Face Farts to Her Man

Today my lover was over and I just so happened to be extremely gassy from binging on Mexican food earlier in the day. My lover just LOVES to smell my stinky farting ass so ofcourse I let him smell every single one of my farts today. I stuck my big juicy 40 inch ass right in his face and blasted fart after stinky fart right up his nose and in his face. I love farting on his face in several different positions and I especially love sitting on his face and farting right up his nose. He even pulls my panties over and exposes my bare asshole so he can get his nose right up in that stinky ass. Mmmmm I love face farting guys, do you wanna smell my ass too baby?

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Smell My Constipated Farts

I am dressed up sexy in my red cut out dress and my zebra panties. I move my big round 40 inch ass seductively, teasing you with it’s awesomeness. I tell you to smell my fart then I pop out a fart for you. Mmmm do you want to smell it too? This is a whole video full of the farts I get when I’m constipated. They are much shorter than my normal big farts since I have big logs blocking the path….hehe.

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