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Voyeur Farting on the Leather Office Chair

This is a candid video of me sitting at my computer on my leather office chair and farting like crazy! I left my camera set up and turned it on each time I felt a fart coming on and there was a bunch of them! I am smoking in most of these clips as well. I am wearing my denim shorts in this video and I blast some rippers each time I lean over and push! You will love this candid fart video!

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Big Bubbly Wet Jeans Farts

This is a short video I did on a day when I had really wet farts. I was spraying ass juice everywhere and had to change my pants several times this day. All of these farts are in jeans except one that I did in my sheer white leggings. You are going to love this big huge bubbly wet farts!

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Hot Farting Girl Farting on a Pillow for Muffled Farts

I received a request from a fan to do a video where I farted on a pillow while wearing jeans! I haven’t farted on any pillows in a very long time so I definitely was up to the challenge. I am wearing my AE light blue jeans in this video and I have my pink pillow to fart on. I push my pillow up against the wall and place my jean covered ass on it and blast a huge bubbly fart. Then I sit my pillow on a chair and I sit on it and blast another huge fart. I bend over and wrap my pillow around my ass and rip several ginormous stinky farts. I keep doing this over and over and my farts are getting bigger and stinkier with each blast! I can’t believe how loud and wet some of these farts sound. If you love huge bubbly stink farts you are going to love this video!

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Major Gas Attack Jean Farts on Leather Chair

I ate some seriously bad Mexican food…. it is the only possible explanation as to why I have so much horrible gas today! I am wearing my American Eagle blue jeans and sitting in my leather office chair. I have been having gas attacks all day, way more than usual. The farts in this clip is only a small portion of what has came out of my ass today! I fart over and over throughout the whole clip, there is over 28 farts in this clip! I have huge farts, duck farts, bubbly farts, wet farts, muffled farts, and just about any other fart you can think of in this clip. This is the best jeans fart clip I have done yet, you just HAVE to see it!

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Smelling My Farts Make Me Cum! Fart Panty Masturbation

This is a custom video I made for a fart fan that I am now sharing with you! This fart fan wanted me to smell my own farts so much that it turns me on and I stick my hand down my panties and masturbate while I smell my farts all day long. This turned out to be a super hot video and my farts had a very distinct smell today but they really did turn me on! I even pulled the smell closer to my face in a few of the clips so none of it would escape. I rubbed on my clit each time I needed to fart and finally after a day full of farts and rubbing on my pussy I couldn’t take it anymore and had to give in to a huge orgasm! Yes that’s right, I got off smelling my own farts! You NEED to see this video!

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Holy Fuck Those Are Stinky Farts!

Have you ever had one of those days that your farts stank so bad that you literally had to leave the room and they actually made you want to throw up? Well today was one of those days. I found an awesome recipe for egg salad so I have been eating a ton of it over the last 3 days and I guess it finally caught up to me because today I had the nastiest stinkiest eggy farts ever! I was trying to have a nice relaxing day at home alone and every time I farted it was so vile that I had to leave the room. A couple of the farts were so disgusting that they actually made me gag and almost throw up. I have to say that these are the stinkiest farts I have ever had in my whole life. Don’t you wish you could have been a fly on the wall in my house today??

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Princess Fart Torture on YOU!

You have been a very very bad boy today. I don’t like it when my boys are bad. I am going to use my Princess powers to shrink you down and turn you in to a tiny green monkey so that I will have FULL control over you! After you are shrunken I am going to shove your face in my white polka dot panty ass every time I have to fart and you will be forced to smell every bit of every stinky fart. It’s going to be a day full of stinky torture for you because I’ve been eating broccoli all day just to make my farts stink even more! Next time you will obey your Princess! There are over 15 farts in this video!

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Farting on a Wooden Table in My Tight AE Blue Jeans!

I always receive a lot of different fart video requests and I try to do each idea I receive. I got one a few days ago asking me to wear my tight AE blue jeans and to fart on something wooden. I picked a day that my farts were big and bassy and each time I had to fart I sat down on my white wooden table. I kept my big ass buried firmly on the table while squeezing out stinky farts and they sounded awesome! Lots of big bassy farts and even some duck farts! I ask you to smell them a few times too 😉 Bassy fart lovers will love this video!

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