There Is Only One Fart Princess and She’s Back

Hi boys! The Princess of Farts is back from vacation and is ready to blast some farts! In this video I am wearing my super sexy dark wash American Eagle jeans and I am SO absolutely gassy from all the foods I probably shouldn’t have been eating while I was away. I have turned into the gassiest person I have ever met in my whole life… but I’m sure you love it right?? I am lying in my king size bed and it isn’t long before the first fart blasts out of my cute thick ass. After the first one came out I just couldn’t make them stop! There are some huge rippers, wet farts, bubbly farts and just plain sexy farts in this video! I farted all day long and captured the biggest jeans farts on film for you. I farted so much that I had to stop just to use the bathroom… I dropped a HUGE log that splashed toilet water all over my ass and left me a bit dirty as well. This is the first toilet scene I’ve done in almost a year! You don’t want to miss this video!
There are over 15 farts and 1 toilet scene in this video!

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