Your Gassy Sister Blackmails You

Hey little bro! Guess what I found in your room today… I found your porno stash! You’re so gross and I am totally going to tell mom and dad! What? Well… if you really want me to keep it a secret I suppose you could do some…. favors for me. I want you to do my homework every night for a month straight and I want…..ooohhh my belly hurts, I need to fart! *brruup* Oh little bro, don’t be so grossed out, it’s just a fart! Wow, well… if you are that grossed out by my farts… I just thought of the other thing I want from you. You are going to smell all of my farts for the rest of the evening until you finish my homework…. and if you don’t I am SO telling mom about your porn! Better stick your nose in that book and find those answers, twerp… or I might just make you stick your nose up my ass! (There are over 7 farts in this video.)

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