Your Job is Eating Princess Farts, LOSER!

Hello loser. You are a pathetic waste of space but I have found one last thing that you could be useful to me. I am a very gassy Princess and I hate that my farts go to waste when they should be eaten. Well guess what? You are going to be my fart eater now. You might as well, you have no other usefulness so you better embrace this! I am wearing a cute jean skirt and every time I have to fart today, you are going to lay down on the floor with your mouth open and I will squat over your face and release my Princess gas right into your mouth then you will be forced to swallow the stinky goodness right from my ass. Sound good? It’s good for me but it’s going to STINK for you! HAHA loser! I make sure you know that you are a complete loser to me as well throughout the video.

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