Ass Sniffing Fart Loser Punishment in Spandex

Hello my ass sniffing fart eating loser. Your beautiful Goddess is here and you are going to spend all day smelling my vile farts. I am wearing my tight spandex capris today and I haven’t washed my ass in days so I know it is going to stink. You are going to bury your nose deep in my ass and breathe in every bit of that stinky ass then you are going to inhale my vile farts right up your nose. You will also lick and suck the farts out of my spandex when I pull them way up in my ass crack. Your only job is being my fart sniffing ass slave so get to it loser… I have tons of very stinky farts for you today and you are going to inhale every single one… or else! There are several scenes and over 20 farts in this video! This video is over 23 minutes long! Great deal for $16.99!

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