Have You Ever Heard a Girl Fart?

Hey nephew! I’m so glad you got dropped off here today. You know auntie loves seeing her sweet nephew! We are going to have so much fun today! You know you always have so much fun with auntie.

So… I want to ask you a question, nephew. Have you ever heard a girl fart before? No? Really? Well… that’s certainly a bummer. I think every boy should hear a girl fart atleast once. It is a super sexy thing after all.

You know what? Auntie happens to be very gassy today… would you mind if I farted for you? I’ll be your first girl fart experience! Oh goody! I’m so glad you’re game. Let me just pull my skirt up and rip a fart right through my white panties!

Ohhhh, you liked that, didn’t you? I can tell, nephew. I can see you are getting hard down there. You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s totally normal that you think it’s sexy when auntie farts. That’s why I did it, I knew it would make you hard and now I want you to touch yourself for auntie while she rips fart after fart for you.

Mmmm… that’s it, touch yourself for auntie. I have another fart coming… oh no! I think I might have made my panties a bit dirty, I better pull these off…

That’s ok, now you get to see the best part of a girl farting! Watch auntie spread her pussy nice and wide… making it gape open while she farts! Do you like that? You love seeing auntie’s pussy spread so wide? Good boy, keep touching yourself. You are going to cum for auntie’s gaping pussy and her farts today!

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