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Big White Booty Blasting Jean Farts on a Stool

This is a short video but it is packed full of farts… jean farts that is! I am wearing some super tight AE light blue jeans and I am sitting on my kitchen stool. I am so very gassy today so I am ripping fart after fart all day long! There are over 13 farts in this video but big and small and they are all so loud! You’ll love seeing my big thick ass in these great upclose positions while I am blasting farts through my tight AE jeans!

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Princess of Farts Kristi Rips Huge Farts in Jeans

This is my first ever fart video in 1080p! I thought that the best way to celebrate bring true high definition to you was to rip some huge farts in my blue AE jeans! This is a classic fart video… just my big booty, tight jeans, and huge bubbly farts! I rip fart after fart and even ask you to smell my butt and farts a few times. This is the sexiest jean fart video ever, you don’t want to miss this one! Over 17 farts in this video!

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Hot MILF in Pink Jeans Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction

Hi babe! I am wearing your favorite pants today, the pink AE jeans! Doesn’t my ass look fantastic when I wear these? Nothing could be better…. well, except if I was super gassy, which I am!! I have some huge bubbly farts trapped inside and they are working their way out so why don’t you stroke your hard cock for me while I am letting them rip? I am going to guide you through a smoking hot jerk off instruction session while ripped massive farts and when I am done I am going to have you blow a huge load just for me!

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Big Bubbly Wet Jeans Farts

This is a short video I did on a day when I had really wet farts. I was spraying ass juice everywhere and had to change my pants several times this day. All of these farts are in jeans except one that I did in my sheer white leggings. You are going to love this big huge bubbly wet farts!

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Major Gas Attack Jean Farts on Leather Chair

I ate some seriously bad Mexican food…. it is the only possible explanation as to why I have so much horrible gas today! I am wearing my American Eagle blue jeans and sitting in my leather office chair. I have been having gas attacks all day, way more than usual. The farts in this clip is only a small portion of what has came out of my ass today! I fart over and over throughout the whole clip, there is over 28 farts in this clip! I have huge farts, duck farts, bubbly farts, wet farts, muffled farts, and just about any other fart you can think of in this clip. This is the best jeans fart clip I have done yet, you just HAVE to see it!

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Huge Voyeur Farts in American Eagle Jeans on the Couch

I have a video request to do a video of farting voyeur style in natural poses while wearing jeans. I picked a day to do this video when I knew I was going to be gassy and I have some HUGE farts in this video! I am lying on my couch having a relaxing day in my American Eagle jeans and green shirt. I spent pretty much all day on the couch playing on my phone, tablet, and watching TV….. and ofcourse, farting! I’m not sure what I ate to give me such huge stinky gas but you are going to love it! I almost couldn’t stand the smell of my own farts today! Over 10 stinky farts in this short voyeur style jeans farts video!

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Hot Sisters Fart For You! Kristi & Kylie Sisters Fart in Jeans

Hey fart lovers! My sister Kylie is back farting with me for your pleasure! I had her come to my house for a day full of making videos and I treated her to lunch as our favorite Asian buffet place… well Asian food really gives us gas! It really tore Kylie up and she was a farting mess the whole day. I had to cancel filming our other videos because she was farting so much! We spent the whole day sitting around farting and luckily I was able to capture a bunch of the juicy bubbly stinky farts in film. Watch us both fart over and over again but Kylie is the real star of this video. Her farts are amazing! They are loud, bubbly, and long! I couldn’t believe how much gas she had and I am the Princess of Farts!! You also get to see a special rare clip of us having gas at the same time and farting at the same time. It’s super special because that never happens!! Kylie also attacks my poor bulldog with a nasty fart too!

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Farting Lap Dance and Blowjob

My boyfriend and I were just having another quiet day at home and since I knew we were both going to be home all day together I wanted to make sure I had plenty of farts, since he loves them, so I loaded up on gas inducing foods early that morning. Once around 11AM hit my farts started rolling in and I started grinding on his cock whenever I had to fart. It wasn’t long before all of this fart grinding had him super horny so I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. I told him that I was only sucking him off when I was farting so he was in agony all day long waiting for my delicious farts to come around so I could suck him off while he was smelling my gas. Finally all of the sucking sessions were enough and he was ready to cum! He had a special request on where he wanted to come and ofcourse I agreed…. Awesome CUMSHOT in this video! Best fart blowjob video ever!

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