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Your Gassy Girlfriend Wants You to Smell Her Farts

Babe, I know how much you love smelling my farts and I wanted to make today extra special for you. I gorged on foods that make me super gassy and I called in to work today so I could stay at home with you all day and let you indulge in your fetish. I know you love it when I wear jeans when I am farting so I wore my favorite pair today! Geez I am sure gassy today, I hope you like the way they smell baby. Do you like smelling them straight out of my ass? How about the bubbly wet ones? Those are you favorite aren’t they?

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Revenge of the BBQ Sandwich and Sloppy Ploppy Toilet Fun

This might be the best video I have ever made! This is a rare combination of both long loud farts and super sloppy toilet fun! I made an overeating video where I ate 2 big BBQ sandwiches (see the video here http://clips4sale.com/58257/7858659 ) and it must have been some bad BBQ or something because about 30 minutes later my belly started rumbling like crazy and then the farts started. One after another back to back relentless farts from my aching belly! Something else was brewing in my belly as well and I had to literally cup my ass and RUN to the bathroom to drop some super sloppy splattering plops into the toilet. YES I got the toilet scenes on this clip too! After I finish at the toilet the farts start again and they just keep coming! More trouble is brewing in my belly and I have to grab my ass and RUN to the toilet again to drop more PLOPS! Finally the farts stop coming so frequently so I get to go to bed but the BBQ has it’s revenge and 1AM and again at 3AM and 4AM in the morning and I have to wake up and run to the toilet again. YES I caught ALL of this on tape! Best fart/toilet combo video ever! Nothing but action in this video, how else did I fit all of that in to a 13 minute clip?! Over 14 farts in this video and 5 toilet scenes!

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Hot Girl Farting in Sexy Black Dress and Panty Farts

I am all dressed up in my sexy little black dress and stilettos and I am ready to go out and have some fun with my friends but I am too gassy! I ate too much Mexican food earlier and now I am really paying for it. I have to sit at home and just fart all night long but atleast you get to hang out with me and smell them! Lots of different farts in this video, some muffled, squeeky, airy, and more!

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Hot Girl Farting in Tight Leggings

This is a video I did for the guys who just like it when I fart in super tight leggings! Nothing fancy, just big farts and lots of ass! You will love this clip fart lovers!

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Worship My Farting Asshole Fetish Fart Clip

This video is for all of my ass guys who also love farting! I love making you worship my ass and being gassy at the same time, it equals lots of farts in your face! You know you want to put your face in my ass and smell my farts and lick my asshole, buy this clip!

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Eat My Farts Loser Farting Domination

Hey loser. I am tired of you being so stupid and making everything more difficult than it should be. Today I am implementing a new training regimen in our relationship…. fart training! For the rest of the day, everytime you fuck up you are going to eat a fart straight out of my ass. You will swallow the whole stinky ass nasty fart and eat it, you have no other choice. All the way you will be verbally degraded and humiliated by me for being a fart eater. Hot fart domination for losers, mean and cruel verbal degrading and humiliation.

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Hot Girl Farts in Panties Farting Jerk Off Instruction

I know all about how much you love it when women fart and honestly I think it’s pretty hot. Today I want to see how hot you really think it is. I tell you to stroke your cock while showing off my big fat ass and I blow a few farts for you while telling you to stroke it for me. When I am ready to see you cum I give you a cum countdown with a big fart at 1 which makes you cum all over my big fat farting ass!

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You Are my Fart Slave, Loser

This is a domination humiliation for fart lovers whom are also losers. Don’t buy it if you don’t like being called a loser!

So loser, you know that you are basically worthless to me right? I mean, you carry absolute no value to me at all. I really didn’t want to dispose of you though so I have been thinking up ways to make you useful to me again. I figure since I am a Princess that my Princess farts should never be wasted so you are going to start eating and smelling every fart that comes out of my Goddess ass. That’s right loser, from now on your sole purpose is eating and smelling my stinky farts straight out of my ass. So get down on your knees and assume the position, you are nothing but my fart eating loser now…

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