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Jerk Off for My Farting Ass in Yoga Pants Fart Porn

Hey baby! Are you horny? I hope so because I am super gassy due to my breakfast full of jalapenos! I hope you are ready to stroke your dick for me because I really want you to and I am going to encourage you to stroke that big hard cock while I am farting over and over again in these super tight grey yoga pants! I love showing off my big white booty in these tight work out pants and I know you love stroking for it. It looks absolutely amazing, doesn’t it? You are going to have the most amazing orgasm ever!

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Farting and a Shart Accident in My Shiny Leggings

I am super gassy today because my stomach has been upset for the past couple of days. I’ve been blasting wet farts all day just barely escaping an accident each time. I want to share my stinky farts with you and I know you love legging farts and wood farts so I am sitting on my wooden stool wearing leggings! I rip fart after fart on to my stool and through my leggings. Things are going pretty good until I try to squeeze out one last fart and instead of a fart I sharted my leggings! You can’t see anything but you can hear it! I had to go clean up after that *wet* fart.

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Seasoning My New AE Blue Jeans with Farts

I just bought a brand new pair of sexy too tight AE blue jeans and I haven’t officially broke them in yet so I was hoping you would help me do that today. See, I have some horribly stinky gas today and I really just need to let them all come out and season these jeans… will you sit back and enjoy yourself while I be such a naughty gassy girl? I blast SO many farts in this short jeans fart video… you definitely do not want to miss this one!

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Hot Farting Girl Blasts Bubbly Farts in a Tight Mini Skirt

I am dressed up so sexy (and perhaps a bit slutty) to go out tonight but I’ve been struck with the worst case of gas ever! I really need to expel some of this gas before I leave the house or I will probably be in for a very embarrassing night of uncontrollable gas! I am wearing my sexy silk top and my AE denim mini skirt with NO panties under. I expel fart after fart… some going through the fabric of my mini skirt and others I lift my skirt and blow a big bassy fart right from my bare asshole. You’ll love seeing my asshole pucker when I am releasing big stinky farts!

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Your Mommy is SO Gassy!

Hi honey! I just need to finish loading up these dishes and I will be able to make dinner for us. So how was your day today? Good, I’m glad to hear you had a great day! Ugh… my belly is starting to hurt a little bit… I sure I don’t have to….*braaap* Oh no! Honey, I am SO sorry! I totally did not mean to let a fart rip right infront of you… oh it stinks so bad too! I am so embarrassed! You better get out of here before you have to smell it to. Mommy’s belly is starting to hurt really bad, I don’t think I’ll be able to make dinner tonight. I am just going to have to make you a sandwich instead. I sure hope I don’t have to fart again while I’m making your food…. oh no, I feel another one coming on! I think I have to use the toilet too. You stay here honey, mommy will be right back.

(Mommy is using the toilet now) Ugh this is going to be a huge log…. Oh honey! Why are you in here? I told you that mommy needed to go potty, you shouldn’t be in here, it stinks! Why are you in here anyways? Did you come in here…. because you like this?? Have you been secretly liking my farts all day and now you want to sit in here while I am using the toilet??

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Big Farts in Tight Leopard Leggings

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I am so full of gas that I know I will be blasting loud stinky farts all day. Today was one of those days. As soon as I got out of the bed the farts started coming and they got progressively stinkier and louder as the day went on. I wanted to make sure that I got to share all of these farts with you so I left my camcorder set up so I could get each one of my farts on film for you. You are going to love seeing my big booty blasting farts through these tight leggings!

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Caught My Brother Jerking to Fart Porn

Hey brother…. what… what are you doing? EWW! No way! Are you…. jerking off? GROSS! Let me see your laptop, I want to see what you are watching. Come on, give it to me…. now! Ugh just give me the… laptop! Now what have you been watching….. ewww…. what is she doing….. *braaaap* OH GROSS! You are jerking it to…. fart porn?! OMG you are so disgusting and I am going to tell everybody what I caught you doing! I’m leaving right now to go blab to everybody! …What? What was that? You really really really don’t want me to tell anybody? Well, I really want to.. so I think I am going to regardless. Huh? You’ll do *anything* for me not to tell? Hmmm…. I’ll have to think about that for a minute… what could I possibly need you for? Ouch… my belly hurts all of a sudden. Ohhhh I know exactly what I need you for! Since you like beating your meat to fart porn at all… well, let’s see how much you like fart porn after you get done…. smelling your sister’s stinky FARTS! Haha brother, you are going to smell and swallow all of my farts for the rest of the night! You’ll do it… or your little secret is going to get blasted to everybody in town!

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There Is Only One Fart Princess and She’s Back

Hi boys! The Princess of Farts is back from vacation and is ready to blast some farts! In this video I am wearing my super sexy dark wash American Eagle jeans and I am SO absolutely gassy from all the foods I probably shouldn’t have been eating while I was away. I have turned into the gassiest person I have ever met in my whole life… but I’m sure you love it right?? I am lying in my king size bed and it isn’t long before the first fart blasts out of my cute thick ass. After the first one came out I just couldn’t make them stop! There are some huge rippers, wet farts, bubbly farts and just plain sexy farts in this video! I farted all day long and captured the biggest jeans farts on film for you. I farted so much that I had to stop just to use the bathroom… I dropped a HUGE log that splashed toilet water all over my ass and left me a bit dirty as well. This is the first toilet scene I’ve done in almost a year! You don’t want to miss this video!
There are over 15 farts and 1 toilet scene in this video!

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