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Bare Ass Farts in My Shiny Red Dress

I am wearing my super sexy tight shiny red dress with no panties on! I love being over and showing you my sexy bare ass…. and I especially love ripping a big fart right in your face! Lots of naked ass and asshole closeups as well as lots of farts! My big juicy whooty feels up the entire screen and you get to see every detail in crystal clear true high definition video! There are over 14 farts in this video, I have a few squeeky farts as well as a ton of loud bare asshole farts!

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Hot Girl Farting in Sexy Black Dress and Panty Farts

I am all dressed up in my sexy little black dress and stilettos and I am ready to go out and have some fun with my friends but I am too gassy! I ate too much Mexican food earlier and now I am really paying for it. I have to sit at home and just fart all night long but atleast you get to hang out with me and smell them! Lots of different farts in this video, some muffled, squeeky, airy, and more!

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Lady Like Farts! Excuse Me, I Farted!

We all know the golden rule about how ladies are not suppose to fart. Well I try my best to be a proper lady but sometimes I just cannot help myself. In each one of these scenes I am wearing a sexy lady like dress but I also have bad gas! I just can’t help it and I have to release these farts! Atleast I am enough of a lady to say “pardon me” and “excuse me” after I fart! Oh and as a bonus I am sitting on a leather coffee table for each fart! I love the way they sound when my stinky farts are vibrating off of leather!

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