Oh babe… I love these days when we get to just hang out in bed together. It’s so nice to just relax and watch TV with you… this is the best day ever! Lets find something else to watch…. ouch… ohhh my belly hurts… Babe! Get out of here, go get me a drink or something…. hurry! Oh…. you better hurry… I can’t hold it much longer…. *brraaap* Oh no! How embarrassing…. eww and it stinks too! Oh babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to gas you out! What?… you liked that? You like it when I fart? No way! Wow, that’s really kinky… well… I do have to fart again… should I babe? Okay, as long as it’s ok with you! *brrruuup* Ewww here, smell it under the covers! How’s that for a dutch oven babe! Oh I need to fart again… hey, I should totally fart in your face babe! That stinks doesn’t it? You like the stinky ones babe? That’s so hot, I think I am going to like this new arrangement! (Over 6 farts in this video!)

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