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There Is Only One Fart Princess and She’s Back

Hi boys! The Princess of Farts is back from vacation and is ready to blast some farts! In this video I am wearing my super sexy dark wash American Eagle jeans and I am SO absolutely gassy from all the foods I probably shouldn’t have been eating while I was away. I have turned into the gassiest person I have ever met in my whole life… but I’m sure you love it right?? I am lying in my king size bed and it isn’t long before the first fart blasts out of my cute thick ass. After the first one came out I just couldn’t make them stop! There are some huge rippers, wet farts, bubbly farts and just plain sexy farts in this video! I farted all day long and captured the biggest jeans farts on film for you. I farted so much that I had to stop just to use the bathroom… I dropped a HUGE log that splashed toilet water all over my ass and left me a bit dirty as well. This is the first toilet scene I’ve done in almost a year! You don’t want to miss this video!
There are over 15 farts and 1 toilet scene in this video!

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Bare Ass Farts in My Shiny Red Dress

I am wearing my super sexy tight shiny red dress with no panties on! I love being over and showing you my sexy bare ass…. and I especially love ripping a big fart right in your face! Lots of naked ass and asshole closeups as well as lots of farts! My big juicy whooty feels up the entire screen and you get to see every detail in crystal clear true high definition video! There are over 14 farts in this video, I have a few squeeky farts as well as a ton of loud bare asshole farts!

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Big White Booty Blasting Jean Farts on a Stool

This is a short video but it is packed full of farts… jean farts that is! I am wearing some super tight AE light blue jeans and I am sitting on my kitchen stool. I am so very gassy today so I am ripping fart after fart all day long! There are over 13 farts in this video but big and small and they are all so loud! You’ll love seeing my big thick ass in these great upclose positions while I am blasting farts through my tight AE jeans!

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Your Gassy Sister Blackmails You

Hey little bro! Guess what I found in your room today… I found your porno stash! You’re so gross and I am totally going to tell mom and dad! What? Well… if you really want me to keep it a secret I suppose you could do some…. favors for me. I want you to do my homework every night for a month straight and I want…..ooohhh my belly hurts, I need to fart! *brruup* Oh little bro, don’t be so grossed out, it’s just a fart! Wow, well… if you are that grossed out by my farts… I just thought of the other thing I want from you. You are going to smell all of my farts for the rest of the evening until you finish my homework…. and if you don’t I am SO telling mom about your porn! Better stick your nose in that book and find those answers, twerp… or I might just make you stick your nose up my ass! (There are over 7 farts in this video.)

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Your Girlfriend Gives You Farting Phone Sex

Oh baby, I miss you SO much! I wish you didn’t always have to leave for business… I get so lonely here at night without you. Just like tonight… I am so lonely and I miss you! What am I wearing? Well… I am wearing my new really tight sexy Egyptian leggings… yes, they make my ass look really fat and amazing babe!….Oh! Umm… I don’t know… do you think we should? Well… I suppose I could try it! Yes! I think phone sex does sound like a pretty good idea right now… atleast it will take the loneliness away! So how should we start? Lets see…. You are laying on your back and I am going to climb on top of you and put my ass in your face so you can eat my pussy. I am going to slide your big hard cock deep down my throat and suck it so good while you’re licking my pussy. Mmmmm yes baby, that feels so good! Ooohhh I am SO gassy tonight babe! Hehe babe… you want me to fart into the phone so you can hear it? Well, okay! *bruuup* How did that sound babe? Mmmm yes… so now I am on top of you… riding your huge cock and making my pussy feel so good! I’m bouncing on your harder and harder and…. oooh! I need to fart again babe! Here, listen to it *brrraaap*. Mmm yes babe… my farts are going to make you cum, aren’t they? (Over 10 farts in this video!)

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Smell My Farts and Eat My Asshole, Loser

Hello again ass sniffer. I am back with another round of fart training for you. Today I am wearing my stinky shiny black spandex jogging pants and my black corset. You will kneel down under my ass and receive all of my nasty farts today… and after each fart you will clean my Princess ass with your tongue. My farts get stinkier and stinkier as the day goes on and I’m not sure you are going to make it through today. You are a total loser and you will be my fart sniffing toilet slave today!

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Big Bubbly Farts While Smoking

You know how coffee makes people have to take a dump? Well, cigarettes do the same thing to me. Every time I light up a cigarette I always get tons of gas, if not a trip to the toilet! I am wearing my blue faux leather pants today and I am very gassy! Each time I light up a smoke I start blasting these really big, bubbly, and wet farts through my blue pants! My big juicy ass looks so good in these super tight faux leather pants and I make sure to show it off in so many positions in this clip! Each scene in this video features me smoking and farting. There are over 12 farts in this video!

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Hot MILF in Pink Jeans Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction

Hi babe! I am wearing your favorite pants today, the pink AE jeans! Doesn’t my ass look fantastic when I wear these? Nothing could be better…. well, except if I was super gassy, which I am!! I have some huge bubbly farts trapped inside and they are working their way out so why don’t you stroke your hard cock for me while I am letting them rip? I am going to guide you through a smoking hot jerk off instruction session while ripped massive farts and when I am done I am going to have you blow a huge load just for me!

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