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Voyeur Farting on the Leather Office Chair

This is a candid video of me sitting at my computer on my leather office chair and farting like crazy! I left my camera set up and turned it on each time I felt a fart coming on and there was a bunch of them! I am smoking in most of these clips as well. I am wearing my denim shorts in this video and I blast some rippers each time I lean over and push! You will love this candid fart video!

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Big Bubbly Wet Jeans Farts

This is a short video I did on a day when I had really wet farts. I was spraying ass juice everywhere and had to change my pants several times this day. All of these farts are in jeans except one that I did in my sheer white leggings. You are going to love this big huge bubbly wet farts!

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Hot Farting Girl Farting on a Pillow for Muffled Farts

I received a request from a fan to do a video where I farted on a pillow while wearing jeans! I haven’t farted on any pillows in a very long time so I definitely was up to the challenge. I am wearing my AE light blue jeans in this video and I have my pink pillow to fart on. I push my pillow up against the wall and place my jean covered ass on it and blast a huge bubbly fart. Then I sit my pillow on a chair and I sit on it and blast another huge fart. I bend over and wrap my pillow around my ass and rip several ginormous stinky farts. I keep doing this over and over and my farts are getting bigger and stinkier with each blast! I can’t believe how loud and wet some of these farts sound. If you love huge bubbly stink farts you are going to love this video!

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Major Gas Attack Jean Farts on Leather Chair

I ate some seriously bad Mexican food…. it is the only possible explanation as to why I have so much horrible gas today! I am wearing my American Eagle blue jeans and sitting in my leather office chair. I have been having gas attacks all day, way more than usual. The farts in this clip is only a small portion of what has came out of my ass today! I fart over and over throughout the whole clip, there is over 28 farts in this clip! I have huge farts, duck farts, bubbly farts, wet farts, muffled farts, and just about any other fart you can think of in this clip. This is the best jeans fart clip I have done yet, you just HAVE to see it!

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Huge Voyeur Farts in American Eagle Jeans on the Couch

I have a video request to do a video of farting voyeur style in natural poses while wearing jeans. I picked a day to do this video when I knew I was going to be gassy and I have some HUGE farts in this video! I am lying on my couch having a relaxing day in my American Eagle jeans and green shirt. I spent pretty much all day on the couch playing on my phone, tablet, and watching TV….. and ofcourse, farting! I’m not sure what I ate to give me such huge stinky gas but you are going to love it! I almost couldn’t stand the smell of my own farts today! Over 10 stinky farts in this short voyeur style jeans farts video!

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Hot Farting Girl Rips Huge Farts in Denim Shorts

This is a super sexy video of me wearing my sexy black blouse and cute tight pinstriped denim shorts! There are 13 different scenes in this video in a variety of angles. In some I fart on my fabric chair and get nice muffled farts. In others you get a great upskirt shot of my farting ass and I even bend over and fart too! I love being so sexy and farting for you in these cute denim shorts and you are going to love all of the farts in this video! I fart so much that I had to take a dump and there is a short toilet scene at the end of this video! I drop a couple of big logs!

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Hot Mom Gives Farting Jerk Off Instruction in Tight White Jeans

I know how hard your cock gets at the thought of me farting in jeans so when I saw this at the store I just had to buy them. I waited until I was super gassy one day and I put them on and showed them off for you. My big white booty looks so amazing in these jeans, doesn’t it? Yes it does, I know it does and I know they make your cock so hard, just like my farts do!I want to fart for you today but I want you to do something for me, too. I want you to stroke that big hard cock for me while I fart for you in these white jeans. I am going to instruct you to stroke that cock while I blast fart after huge bubbly fart until your cock is ready to explode then I am going to milk it with a cum countdown!

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Here I Sit Broken Hearted, Tried to Fart But Instead I Sharted

My stomach was soooo messed up today. I had the extreme liquid plops and I was really gassy as well. It seems like I have trouble telling the difference between a fart coming or a shart coming. I had to change my pants several times today because almost every time I tried to fart, I sharted! Yes I had some really wet farts, some of them were actually visible! I had to grab a roll of toilet paper and carry it around with me so I could wipe my ass after my nasty sharts!

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