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Farting Lap Dance and Blowjob

My boyfriend and I were just having another quiet day at home and since I knew we were both going to be home all day together I wanted to make sure I had plenty of farts, since he loves them, so I loaded up on gas inducing foods early that morning. Once around 11AM hit my farts started rolling in and I started grinding on his cock whenever I had to fart. It wasn’t long before all of this fart grinding had him super horny so I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. I told him that I was only sucking him off when I was farting so he was in agony all day long waiting for my delicious farts to come around so I could suck him off while he was smelling my gas. Finally all of the sucking sessions were enough and he was ready to cum! He had a special request on where he wanted to come and ofcourse I agreed…. Awesome CUMSHOT in this video! Best fart blowjob video ever!

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Your Gassy Girlfriend Wants You to Smell Her Farts

Babe, I know how much you love smelling my farts and I wanted to make today extra special for you. I gorged on foods that make me super gassy and I called in to work today so I could stay at home with you all day and let you indulge in your fetish. I know you love it when I wear jeans when I am farting so I wore my favorite pair today! Geez I am sure gassy today, I hope you like the way they smell baby. Do you like smelling them straight out of my ass? How about the bubbly wet ones? Those are you favorite aren’t they?

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The Fart Burglar

Poor Kylie was just sitting in her house reading a book when the Fart Buglar broke in! Poor Kylie! She gets startled by the elusive Fart Buglar and she handcuffs Kylie’s hands behind her back and sits her on a crate while the Fart Buglar looks for stuff to steal from Kylie’s house. Little did the Fart Buglar know that Kylie did not have anything in the house to steal so this really made the Fart Buglar mad! To retaliate, the Fart Buglar made Kylie sniff her stinky Fart Buglar farts the whole time she was at Kylie’s house. Kylie tried to escape and landed on the couch which the Fart Buglar used as the perfect opportunity to sit on Kylie and blast some stinky farts right up her nose! After the Fart Buglar was satisfied that Kylie had been properly punished for not having anything to steal she left, never to be seen again!

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Farting on a Wooden Table in My Tight AE Blue Jeans!

I always receive a lot of different fart video requests and I try to do each idea I receive. I got one a few days ago asking me to wear my tight AE blue jeans and to fart on something wooden. I picked a day that my farts were big and bassy and each time I had to fart I sat down on my white wooden table. I kept my big ass buried firmly on the table while squeezing out stinky farts and they sounded awesome! Lots of big bassy farts and even some duck farts! I ask you to smell them a few times too 😉 Bassy fart lovers will love this video!

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The Fart Dance

My lovely friend treated me out to an early lunch at my favorite Mexican place today so I told him I would pay him back by giving him a gassy lapdance everytime I had to fart for the rest of the day. Well it didn’t take long at all for my stinky Mexican food gas to kick in and when it did I had some huge stinky farts! I told my friend to sit on a chair before each fart and I erotically grinded my big gassy ass on his lap and dick and then I farted on his dick! I could feel his dick getting hard through his pants each time I farted and he was getting so turned on, I almost made him bust a nut in his pants from all of my stinky farts. I could tell that he really enjoyed the fart dance that I gave him today. I even smelled his crotch a couple of times after I farted and wow my stinky fart smell was stuck to his jeans! I bet he smelled my fart smell for the rest of the day! Over 14 farts in this video!

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7 Days of Beans

I had a fan buy a custom video and he wanted me to eat nothing but beans for 7 days then do his video. I love beans so I had no problem eating tons of homemade baked beans and homemade pinto beans….mmmm! All of these beans did give me horrible gas though! On the day I was ready to make the video I put on my cute blue thong and my tight jeans and start blasting farts! It seemed like they were coming back to back! I was seriously exploding with farts. I sit on a chair and a stool for some of the scenes 🙂 There are over 20 farts in this video!

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You Are Trapped and Now You Will Smell My Farts

I thought I told you not to show up here so early! I wasn’t ready for you yet. You never listen, do you? Well know that you are here I guess you are going to find out why I wanted you to show up later. See…. I have horrible gas right now and man it sure does stink. Since you are here and I am pissed off at you, I am going to lock the doors and trap you in here and make you endure my farts all day long. I am going to fart in your mouth, up your nose, in your face, and anywhere else I see fit. You are not going to waste a single bit of my stinky farts or you will be punished!

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Public Restroom Farts

Last weekend I was at the park at my niece’s birthday party and I was totally pigging out on bbq, hamburgers, cake, and ofcourse…. ice cream! I am slightly lactose intolerant so ice cream always gives me major gas. I thought it would take longer to give me gas so I pigged out and soon afterwards I started having stomach cramps. I had to go over to the public restroom everytime I started having cramps because I absolutely could not fart around my family and everybody else on someone’s birthday!! They must have thought I had the serious plops or something with how often I had to run over to the restrooms. It was a small enclosed bathroom so it had a horrible echo and my farts sounded SUPER loud. There was people all around so I had to be quiet but omg my farts were so loud I was pretty nervous someone was going to hear me.

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