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Hashtag FARTS

Are you ready for some incredible #farts? I hope so because I am extremely gassy today and I need to let all of this gas out! I am wearing my cute new panties and my ass is looking amazing… and it is going to look even better once it starts blasting the gas! I fart over and over and over again through these sexy colorful panties and you are going to enjoy each and every fart!

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Big Farts in My Sexy Heart Panties

I am super gassy today because my stomach has been upset for the past couple of days. I’ve been blasting wet farts all day just barely escaping an accident each time. I want to share my stinky farts with you and I know you love legging farts and wood farts so I am sitting on my wooden stool wearing leggings! I rip fart after fart on to my stool and through my leggings. Things are going pretty good until I try to squeeze out one last fart and instead of a fart I sharted my leggings! You can’t see anything but you can hear it! I had to go clean up after that *wet* fart.

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Farting in Cute Pink Socks and Panties

In this video I am wearing my cute pink striped socks and pink panties that are atleast 2 sizes too small for me. I am SO gassy today that I just had to turn on the camcorder and film them for you. I show off my big white booty while blasting stinky farts in this video!

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Hot Farting Mom Wants You to Smell Her Farts in Bed

Hello baby. I feel so lazy today and all I want to do is lay in bed with you all day long. Will you do that with me baby? Great! I have a little surprise too, I am very very gassy today! I ate a lot of broccoli so I have lots of stinky farts and I just know how much you love it when I fart. My panties say “Breakfast in Bed”….hehe, isn’t that such a true statement? Come lay in bed with me and have some stinky farts for breakfast baby! Mmmmm I love how much you love my farts!

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Sexy MILF Gives Face Farts to Her Man

Today my lover was over and I just so happened to be extremely gassy from binging on Mexican food earlier in the day. My lover just LOVES to smell my stinky farting ass so ofcourse I let him smell every single one of my farts today. I stuck my big juicy 40 inch ass right in his face and blasted fart after stinky fart right up his nose and in his face. I love farting on his face in several different positions and I especially love sitting on his face and farting right up his nose. He even pulls my panties over and exposes my bare asshole so he can get his nose right up in that stinky ass. Mmmmm I love face farting guys, do you wanna smell my ass too baby?

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Voyeur Candid Outside Farting in Bikini

This is a voyeur candid video of me laying outside getting some sun and farting! It was such a beautiful day here in Texas and I haven’t been able to lay out and sun bathe for a while so today I took the opportunity to. I laid my blanket out and was enjoying myself so much but I had really bad gas! I did nothing but the fart the whole day while I was laying out. What would you do if you stumbled upon a sexy woman laying out sunbathing and she had major gas?

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Revenge of the BBQ Sandwich and Sloppy Ploppy Toilet Fun

This might be the best video I have ever made! This is a rare combination of both long loud farts and super sloppy toilet fun! I made an overeating video where I ate 2 big BBQ sandwiches (see the video here http://clips4sale.com/58257/7858659 ) and it must have been some bad BBQ or something because about 30 minutes later my belly started rumbling like crazy and then the farts started. One after another back to back relentless farts from my aching belly! Something else was brewing in my belly as well and I had to literally cup my ass and RUN to the bathroom to drop some super sloppy splattering plops into the toilet. YES I got the toilet scenes on this clip too! After I finish at the toilet the farts start again and they just keep coming! More trouble is brewing in my belly and I have to grab my ass and RUN to the toilet again to drop more PLOPS! Finally the farts stop coming so frequently so I get to go to bed but the BBQ has it’s revenge and 1AM and again at 3AM and 4AM in the morning and I have to wake up and run to the toilet again. YES I caught ALL of this on tape! Best fart/toilet combo video ever! Nothing but action in this video, how else did I fit all of that in to a 13 minute clip?! Over 14 farts in this video and 5 toilet scenes!

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Smelling My Farts Make Me Cum! Fart Panty Masturbation

This is a custom video I made for a fart fan that I am now sharing with you! This fart fan wanted me to smell my own farts so much that it turns me on and I stick my hand down my panties and masturbate while I smell my farts all day long. This turned out to be a super hot video and my farts had a very distinct smell today but they really did turn me on! I even pulled the smell closer to my face in a few of the clips so none of it would escape. I rubbed on my clit each time I needed to fart and finally after a day full of farts and rubbing on my pussy I couldn’t take it anymore and had to give in to a huge orgasm! Yes that’s right, I got off smelling my own farts! You NEED to see this video!

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