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Big Bubbly Farts While Smoking

You know how coffee makes people have to take a dump? Well, cigarettes do the same thing to me. Every time I light up a cigarette I always get tons of gas, if not a trip to the toilet! I am wearing my blue faux leather pants today and I am very gassy! Each time I light up a smoke I start blasting these really big, bubbly, and wet farts through my blue pants! My big juicy ass looks so good in these super tight faux leather pants and I make sure to show it off in so many positions in this clip! Each scene in this video features me smoking and farting. There are over 12 farts in this video!

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Smoking and Farting in Black Leggings

Just a short little video of me smoking in my sexy black dress and having a mini fart attack. I only fart 3 or 4 times in this video but they are all sexy muffled farts as I am farting into my zebra chair. Watch me smoke a cigarette and talk to you while farting, hot!

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