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Big White Booty Blasting Jean Farts on a Stool

This is a short video but it is packed full of farts… jean farts that is! I am wearing some super tight AE light blue jeans and I am sitting on my kitchen stool. I am so very gassy today so I am ripping fart after fart all day long! There are over 13 farts in this video but big and small and they are all so loud! You’ll love seeing my big thick ass in these great upclose positions while I am blasting farts through my tight AE jeans!

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7 Days of Beans

I had a fan buy a custom video and he wanted me to eat nothing but beans for 7 days then do his video. I love beans so I had no problem eating tons of homemade baked beans and homemade pinto beans….mmmm! All of these beans did give me horrible gas though! On the day I was ready to make the video I put on my cute blue thong and my tight jeans and start blasting farts! It seemed like they were coming back to back! I was seriously exploding with farts. I sit on a chair and a stool for some of the scenes 🙂 There are over 20 farts in this video!

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