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Your Mommy is SO Gassy!

Hi honey! I just need to finish loading up these dishes and I will be able to make dinner for us. So how was your day today? Good, I’m glad to hear you had a great day! Ugh… my belly is starting to hurt a little bit… I sure I don’t have to….*braaap* Oh no! Honey, I am SO sorry! I totally did not mean to let a fart rip right infront of you… oh it stinks so bad too! I am so embarrassed! You better get out of here before you have to smell it to. Mommy’s belly is starting to hurt really bad, I don’t think I’ll be able to make dinner tonight. I am just going to have to make you a sandwich instead. I sure hope I don’t have to fart again while I’m making your food…. oh no, I feel another one coming on! I think I have to use the toilet too. You stay here honey, mommy will be right back.

(Mommy is using the toilet now) Ugh this is going to be a huge log…. Oh honey! Why are you in here? I told you that mommy needed to go potty, you shouldn’t be in here, it stinks! Why are you in here anyways? Did you come in here…. because you like this?? Have you been secretly liking my farts all day and now you want to sit in here while I am using the toilet??

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Caught My Brother Jerking to Fart Porn

Hey brother…. what… what are you doing? EWW! No way! Are you…. jerking off? GROSS! Let me see your laptop, I want to see what you are watching. Come on, give it to me…. now! Ugh just give me the… laptop! Now what have you been watching….. ewww…. what is she doing….. *braaaap* OH GROSS! You are jerking it to…. fart porn?! OMG you are so disgusting and I am going to tell everybody what I caught you doing! I’m leaving right now to go blab to everybody! …What? What was that? You really really really don’t want me to tell anybody? Well, I really want to.. so I think I am going to regardless. Huh? You’ll do *anything* for me not to tell? Hmmm…. I’ll have to think about that for a minute… what could I possibly need you for? Ouch… my belly hurts all of a sudden. Ohhhh I know exactly what I need you for! Since you like beating your meat to fart porn at all… well, let’s see how much you like fart porn after you get done…. smelling your sister’s stinky FARTS! Haha brother, you are going to smell and swallow all of my farts for the rest of the night! You’ll do it… or your little secret is going to get blasted to everybody in town!

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Your Gassy Sister Blackmails You

Hey little bro! Guess what I found in your room today… I found your porno stash! You’re so gross and I am totally going to tell mom and dad! What? Well… if you really want me to keep it a secret I suppose you could do some…. favors for me. I want you to do my homework every night for a month straight and I want…..ooohhh my belly hurts, I need to fart! *brruup* Oh little bro, don’t be so grossed out, it’s just a fart! Wow, well… if you are that grossed out by my farts… I just thought of the other thing I want from you. You are going to smell all of my farts for the rest of the evening until you finish my homework…. and if you don’t I am SO telling mom about your porn! Better stick your nose in that book and find those answers, twerp… or I might just make you stick your nose up my ass! (There are over 7 farts in this video.)

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Mean Babysitter Tortures You with Farts

Ugh I can’t believe I have to babysit you again. I just hate watching you. You are the most boring ever! You totally ruined my plans I had with my boyfriend and I am going to make you pay for it. I am so gassy today, I need to rip a fart. Ahhh that felt good! Wow, you are totally grossed out, aren’t you? Do my farts really smell that bad? Haha well let’s play a game then twerp. You are going to smell my farts out of a plastic bag and if you don’t do it right I am going to tape the bag over your head and fill the bag up with my noxious farts and force you to smell them. Oh and my asshole feels pretty dirty from all that farting, lick it and clean it for me now. You wouldn’t want me to tell your parents that you did something really bad, would you?

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Jerk It & Cum While Mommy Farts for You

Hi baby! I am glad you are home now… I need to talk to you about something. Yes, it is pretty serious. Come in here and look at me. I was cleaning your room today and I saw the fart porn video you had on your computer. Is it true? Do you really have a fart fetish? Come on, you can tell me. You can tell mommy anything and it will be our little secret forever. So you do have a fart fetish? Well, that explains why you are always hanging around when I am gassy. Oohhhh I need to fart right now! I see your cock getting hard, let me help you make it feel so good and I promise to fart the whole time! Does that feel good baby? Yeah, it does. Now put your face in my ass and smell my fart, now lick it…. you like? Ofcourse you do, mommy knows how to make you feel great!

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