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You Are a Loser for My Farting Ass in Spandex

Hello loser. I’ve been anticipating this day all week long. I have been preparing for this day by eating the foods that give me the worst gas and they sure do stink today. I am wearing my black spandex and I haven’t washed my ass in days! You know it has to be so stinky down there… all the better for your loser face to be buried in my ass. I am going to make you sniff and eat every disgusting fart that comes out of my ass today. Yes loser, it’s time for fart training and I am going to be relentless today!
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Gassy Giantess Fart Tortures Little Man

I am a very gassy giantess and I was taking a wonderful nap when all of a sudden I woke up to a little man on my pillow. Intrigued, I asked the little man what he was doing on my pillow. He couldn’t give me a good enough reason so I decide to torture him before I dispose of him in the way that I do for all the little men I capture. I am very very gassy today and it doesn’t take long before I am sticking the little man against my naked asshole and blasting farts right in his face, forcing him to smell the farts and lick my asshole clean. I fart on him over and over until I finally get tired of torturing him. I dump him in a glass, give him one last fart, then empty him into my mouth where I proceed to swallow him whole. It won’t be long now before this little man is turned into a fart himself…mmm

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Mean Babysitter Tortures You with Farts

Ugh I can’t believe I have to babysit you again. I just hate watching you. You are the most boring ever! You totally ruined my plans I had with my boyfriend and I am going to make you pay for it. I am so gassy today, I need to rip a fart. Ahhh that felt good! Wow, you are totally grossed out, aren’t you? Do my farts really smell that bad? Haha well let’s play a game then twerp. You are going to smell my farts out of a plastic bag and if you don’t do it right I am going to tape the bag over your head and fill the bag up with my noxious farts and force you to smell them. Oh and my asshole feels pretty dirty from all that farting, lick it and clean it for me now. You wouldn’t want me to tell your parents that you did something really bad, would you?

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You Are Trapped and Now You Will Smell My Farts

I thought I told you not to show up here so early! I wasn’t ready for you yet. You never listen, do you? Well know that you are here I guess you are going to find out why I wanted you to show up later. See…. I have horrible gas right now and man it sure does stink. Since you are here and I am pissed off at you, I am going to lock the doors and trap you in here and make you endure my farts all day long. I am going to fart in your mouth, up your nose, in your face, and anywhere else I see fit. You are not going to waste a single bit of my stinky farts or you will be punished!

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